Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Market Is Rising Significantly From A Variety Of Industries

Market Overview:

An up-to-date research has been disclosed by Market Research Future, Which highlights the worldwide Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Market. The Information and Figures shared in exceedingly precise and structured manner, giving an approximated Picture of the Upcoming market movement. This Report covers the Major Key Players, pie charts and bar-graphs to provide data which can be used to derive the latest trends in the industry

Carrier Wi-Fi provides various functionalities such as scalability, wide area mobility, network management support, carrier grade security, integration with RAN network, support for hotspot 2.0, and quality of experience and service. These functionalities further enhance the network capability, thereby creating a market opportunity for Carrier Wi-Fi equipment market to grow in the forecast period and beyond. The major capability of carrier Wi-Fi to scale a Wi-Fi network generally needs specific functions and features such as network management and hardening of Wi-Fi networks against the interference. The carrier Wi-Fi can also maintain a session while moving between Wi-Fi access. Carrier Wi-Fi is generally used for cellular offloading. It means offloading the users from licensed telecom spectrum to free unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum.

One of the major concerns for consumers is security on open networks as well as cellular and internet service providers across the world. The major threat consumers face is the open and unprotected Wi-Fi networks in public places. The major advantage that carrier Wi-Fi offers is the carrier grade security, that means that the open and unsecured Wi-Fi network is toughened to protect it from general security threats such as virus, spam spoofing and spyware. This is further enthralling the demand of carrier Wi-Fi which is further encouraging the growth of the carrier Wi-Fi equipment market.

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Some of the prominent players in the market include Nokia Networks (Finland), Cisco Systems, Inc (U.S.), Ericsson (Sweden), Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc (Canada), Aruba Networks (U.S.), Ruckus Wireless, Inc (U.S.), Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (China), Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (U.S.), Aerohive Networks (U.S.), Brocade Communication Systems, Inc. among others. A lot of emerging companies and Start-ups are bringing up their products and services in order to cater the ever increasing demand from consumers. The key players constantly keep innovating and investing in research and development to produce a cost effective portfolio.

Global carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 25% during the forecast period 2017-2023

As Wi-Fi innovation is in quick effect and is executed in a scope of gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops and other customer hardware. The rise in adoption of different types of devices, wearable gear and the expanding utilization of Wi-Fi over these electronic gadgets has brought about a sharp increase in providing remote information. This makes key organizations compete for expanded system request from the users and updated ability to guarantee smooth remote availability. One of the major concerns for consumers is security on open networks as well as cellular and internet service providers across the world. A major threat consumers face is the open and unprotected Wi-Fi networks in public places. Transporter Wi-Fi can be connected in areas like group Wi-Fi executions and open hotspot arrangements, for example, restaurants, cafes and colleges.

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Regional analysis

By geography, the U.S. retains the top spot in global carrier Wi-Fi market. However, Asia Pacific expects to show the fastest growth rate among all the regions. The roadmap to the growth includes popularity of carrier Wi-Fi access service as a premium service, and rise in data traffic in cellular network. Another factor such as the number of mobile users in India and China are increasing by big numbers and and is expected to reach the highest across the globe due to the growing population. With the increasing penetration of smartphones, the mobile traffic is also expected to rise in these countries, thereby creating varied opportunities for Asia Pacific to become an emerging market for carrier Wi-Fi equipment market, flagging new technological methods and techniques for telecom operators to develop.



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